At Entelequia SPA, we conceive work as a way of for higher purpose development of the person, where the virtues of the individual converge for the benefit of our customers, personal own growth and recognition of the Company.

We understand quality as giving our customers the best cost/benefit solutions in the market. Our historical characteristics of values and organization allows us to give them the support and professionalism they expect, adapting to their needs and exceeding their expectations through a transparent and timely response.

We are oriented to increase our organizational efficiency through controlled processes and continuous improvement.

We train our collaborators, as a form of personal and professional development, giving them the knowledge that allows them to plan, implement, supervise and improve their work.

We encourage team activities and an assertive and open communication to perform our tasks -from the beginning- correctly, efficiently and on time.

We value and encourage a work environment where each person is responsible for their work and proposes improvements in respectful treatment and mutual collaboration.

We encourage active participation of our employees through committees, providing resources for the fulfillment of their tasks.

We take charge of our Social Responsibility by committing ourselves to work ethics, health and occupational safety in jobs, caring for the environment and compliance with all current regulations in our country.

In order to comply with our Quality Policy, we base ourselves on the organization’s values, reaching the objectives defined by the Director General and approved by our Quality Council.


At Entelequia SPA we develop our administrative and operational activities following work practices that privilege the safety and occupational health of all our employees and permanently seeking a level of excellence in the results linked to these matters.

Comply with all legal provisions of health and safety at work, motivating all workers to fully comply with the laws and internal regulations of Order, Hygiene and Safety, including the instructions of their heads on these matters, so they meet a permanent and effective collaboration to achieve the stated objective.

Evaluate and stimulate workers participation, collectively and individually, through actions promoted by our Joint Committee, regarding training and application of safety standards, occupational health control, detection of potential risks for any worker, provision of personnel protective equipment and a direct support during the execution of the work.

Continuous improvement of working practices and performance of safety and health conditions at work, by reviewing the compliance with prevention plans and programmes, including frequent visits to workplaces. Promotion, as well, of the responsibility of customers to maintain an adequate infrastructure condition and access to their facilities to carry out a prompt and safe work, for the benefit of our staff and the customer’s, as well.

According to this Policy, the hierarchy of values for designing, executing and evaluating the results of all the work performed by Entelequia SPA is defined, according to the following aspects:

Safe environment for all hands and company assets.

Customer and users effetive satisfaction.

Efficient use of resources.


Entelequia SPA is compromised with the comunity through its care with the enrvironment, which is considered as an indispensable behaviour for the existence of the company, its colaborators and its customers

Comply with current environmental regulation applicable to all activities related to the company.

Prevention and control of environmental pollution, by safe disposal and proper handling of waste elements to the environment, according to the best known technical practices.

Sensitise workers and customers for the respect and conservation of the environment, making known all national regulations and international agreements, including the promotion of personal contributions to collaborate with these initiatives.

Support government and private environmental organisations, regarding the promotion of communication support initiatives and experiences, through permanent advisory services.